What’s Happening around Rutgers?

Sure, the Libraries play host to a slew of great events throughout the year—but so do other units across the university. Check out what’s in store from other departments in November. The Rutgers Jewish Film Festival October 29–November 12 Times… Continue Reading

What does the “Academic Library Impact” report mean for us?

Stephanie Mikitish is co-author, along with Lynn Silipigni Connaway, William Harvey, and Vanessa Kitzie, of “Academic Library Impact: Improving Practice and Essential Areas to Research,” a new report from The Association of College and Research Libraries. We asked her to provide… Continue Reading

Ex Libris Implementation Project Update – November 2017

In spring 2017, the Libraries decided to adopt the new library service platform (Alma and Primo) from Ex Libris. The decision was made in support of two major librarywide priorities: improving information control and optimizing collection development and management. What… Continue Reading

How Do We Handle New Requests in the Planning Process?

As busy as we all are, sometimes it can be difficult to see the tremendous progress we’ve made in the last couple of years—particularly with something as diffuse as the priorities planning process. Our most recent cabinet meeting provides a… Continue Reading

The Budget Process and Library Impact on Student Outcomes

With the last of the Welcome Days events now completed and the start of the fall semester fully complete, it is time to turn our attention to another annual tradition: the preparation of our annual budget request. Each year, we… Continue Reading

The Rutgers University Libraries Website Style Guide from Integrated Information Systems

The Rutgers University Libraries Website style guide explains the rules and conventions that go into defining typography and the appearance of website elements on our website. Its goal is to provide a cohesive and coherent experience for website users and… Continue Reading

Report from Social Media Summit 2017

Video: Rutgers communications professionals discuss social media planning and how to best reach users.   The Libraries held our second Social Media Summit on July 20, 2017. The full-day event, hosted by the Social Media Task Force, was broken into… Continue Reading