Ex Libris Implementation Project Update – May 2019

Rutgers Law Libraries to Join Alma/Primo The Rutgers Law Libraries are joining our Alma and Primo instances in January 2020! Project planning for appending the Law libraries catalog has begun. We are currently participating in bi-weekly planning meetings with Ex… Continue Reading

Ex Libris Implementation Project Update – July 2018

After much planning and preparation from all of the Libraries, QuickSearch and Alma went live on June 5. It’s so hard to believe that we are already almost four weeks past go live! The implementation team would like to thank… Continue Reading

Ex Libris Implementation Project Update – December 2017

ExLibris graphic

In this second update on the Ex Libris Implementation Project, we report on a major milestone achieved in November – the completion of organizational planning. In early December the project will transition from the pre-implementation to implementation stage, so this… Continue Reading

Transforming the Way We Work at Rutgers

The new administrative information systems under Cornerstone are scheduled to go live over the next week. Cornerstone is the University’s strategic approach to unify, upgrade, and streamline its administrative information systems for Finance, Human Resources and Payroll, Procurement, etc. Upgrading… Continue Reading