Annual Celebrations for Staff and Faculty of Rutgers University Libraries (2017)

The University is recognizing faculty and staff who are celebrating a decade increment of employment at Rutgers. We are delighted to announce that 14 of our colleagues were included in the festivities and hope you join us in congratulating them on these accomplishments:

10 Joseph Abraham (NBL)

Martha Barnett (Shared User Svs)

Abigail DiPaolo (Admin Svc.)

Jie Geng (TAS)

James Hartstein (NBL)

Robert Vietrogoski (Smith)


20 Roman Frackowski (TAS)

Stephen Modica (Smith)


30 Tracey Meyer (TAS)

Nita Mukherjee (NBL)

Robin Pastorio-Newman (TAS)

Jeffrey Teichmann (NBL)

Drue Williamson (NBL)


40 Dianne Hamlette (RBHS)




Jessica Pellien